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Connecting patients, friends and families...

We understand the pain of being away from loved ones, especially when they are unwell.  With the current pandemic adding to the already isolating experience of being in hospital, visitor restrictions are making a bad situation even worse.

That is why we created the HowRU service.

HowRU is a Video collaboration service that has been made specifically to connect patients with their loved ones.  With a simplified account set up and all hosted on a secure platform, HowRU is an end to end solution that just works - enabling nurses and clinicians to do what they do best.

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Features and Benefits

Friends and family can connect with patients using video calling, chat messaging and photo sharing.

Secure and encrypted service providing a ”patient/family space”.

Staff can very quickly and easily register a patient for HowRU
using an automated process.

Simple experience to set up and use, for both patient side and
family from any device. (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android).

Family members can download the Webex Teams app free of charge to join the patient’s secure HowRU service and invite
other family members they wish to include.

Can be independent from any existing video or collaboration solution.

Case Study: Wollongong Hospital introduces 'HowRU' service

ABC Interview: Connecting patients with their families using HowRU

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Citrus Health have partnered with Taleka,
industry leading technology adoption specialists to make sure you’re looked after.

Taleka is a global leader in providing adoption services for digital technologies, identifying use cases and developing simplified workflows to assist you with HowRU Service deployment, and most importantly, working directly with your staff long after deployment to increase adoption for all your staff involved in the HowRU Service.

Taleka’s human approach of “people first” will ensure the most seamless customer experience is achieved for ICU Management, Hospital Staff, Patients and Family.

Taleka’s experienced healthcare team of consultants and technology adoption specialists will engage with the key staff from your ICU to understand your unique current patient care workflows and needs and how the patient - family connect service integrates with these.

Taleka will take care of delivering program management, design and customise staff communications, create specific educational material including videos and patient / family guides, develop customised training for key front-line staff and social workers (for family assistance) removing this workload from your busy ICU teams.

Citrus Solutions partnership with Taleka allows us both to provide a holistic offering for this healthcare service by combining our innovation to automate / simplify the experience, technical expertise, focus on quality, security and ongoing support to complement with their human centred approach to technology adoption.

About Citrus Health

At Citrus, we are all about not only making technology simple to use but also ensuring that our services are flexible to adapt with the ever changing business landscape.

This principle has been core in the development of HowRU by how we collaborated with our customers and partners in developing this service.

Our heritage has been as an ICT Services provider, so we understand what it takes to make a service like HowRU a success for both the Patients/Family and the Healthcare professionals, with the focus on simplicity of use and flexibility of deployment all as a full turnkey service.

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About Taleka

Our human approach of “people first” will ensure that the HowRU- Patient Family connection service is successful in your facility to deliver an enhanced customer experience for Nurses, Staff, Patients and Family.

Our experienced healthcare team of consultants and technology adoption specialists will engage with the key staff from your team to understand your unique current patient care workflows and needs so the HowRU Service will integrate seamlessly.

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